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Track Name: Welcome To Weird Existence
its me and you baby, shouts to the little gods
middle of the earth and sky, look like little dots
riddled plot i sit upon, ripple ponds i skip my thoughts
the crippled bond of man and myth, the mystics visions not for naught

your not forgot, i got you baby, raise you closer to my heart
you hear the knock, just pick the lock, or kick it to the ground maybe

raise you to the sun's height your smile shinning rays turn raining days to thanks and praise

an ancient grace faintly waves across your face, misplace my body im probably drifting swimming in the ocean of your aura, a commotion in my core sort of, just a quotient of you explored leaves the portion of me thats gammorah on the floor, metaphor is evermore, and religion’s always been the poet’s, sittin lotus spittin roses in my zone im noticed, simply grow n glow n hope that i could rope your focus, art in every moment, one motion, a stroke of devotion, ghost